Student Motivation part 1

How can we motivate students?Students needed different types of motivation not like the previous generations. In the previous generation, the motto was like you need to get a job, get married otherwise you can not live a happy life or leave a happy life. Isn’t it?
Now, students need inspiration because they are confused, they don’t know how to deal with it.
They are going through the above motivational speeches but students need contemporary motivations.
Speeches and quotes of eminent person are famous for inspiration. Indeed, they are good. But students need motivation for their situation.

No One Understands Me: Free Counseling and Solution of Depression

This is becoming a big issue in our society. In our busy lives, it is very hard to understand each other, for this, we are complaining no one understands me. The complexity is more than that.

Surely, to understand each other is not very tough to do. It needs time and effort. You need to spend some time with others whatever it is your study or another human being. This is true for everyone and everything.

It is  interesting to note that we are not understanding each other but we are complaining about it.

Take some time, to analyze this paradoxical nature of human beings.

If you ask yourself, you can remember that some way or other you are not capable of understanding everybody. Simply because you are you and you are not other.
It is applied to you also. Before evoking the negative feelings of the depressed sentence like ‘no one understands me'. Believe that it is normal and you cannot expect that everyone understands you. Now, focus on some particular cases-
What will you do in the foll…

Top Motivational Quotes for Fitness in 2019

Here are the best collection of motivational quotes for fitness. You can share it on WhatsApp with your friends. A quotation is a nice way to speak everything in a natural manner. You can visit this page when you feel distressed. We are always with you.1.    Fitness is the result of 100% effort to the gym. It is very true. Need to have an effort of 100% in your training. Be focused on your training period. You have to continue it under an expert guidance; you will be fit and strong.2.    Be strong: mentally and physically. Only, physically strong will not help in the long run, train your mind to be healthy and fresh as well. Train both your mind and body simultaneously. Be strong in both spheres of your life.
3.    Work for your wish, work for staying fit. Stay fit. It should be the ultimate motto of every trainer. Spend hours and hours in the gym. One day, you will get the result of this effort. If you wish to stay fit, work for your wish.
4.    No Excuses, Do Exercise. Excuses do …

Top 70 Monday Motivational Quotes and Learnings

Monday is the first day of a week; it means a fresh green beginning. Here, I have discussed what Monday teaches us all with some examples of Monday Motivation quotes and brief explanations.

Here, we understand that you need more motivation, encouragement and hard work, especially on Monday. So you need Monday motivations. Other working days are important too. 
But, Monday is more important because you need a good start of a week. So, you need to be more focused and lively and vigorous on Monday. Sunday is a day of relaxation but it is also a preparation of a most important day of a week.

Table of Contents-

A. What is Monday Motivation?
B. Why Monday is the best day?
C. Top 20 Monday Motivational Quotes.
D. Monday Motivational Quotes of Some Famous Personalities.

1. What is Monday Motivation?Monday is the first day of a week. It is a day where you have unlimited possibilities and opportunities. 
Monday motivation is  a boosting to start your day in a higher note to be positive  and energetic a…

Easy Ways to Deal with The Things You Cannot Control in Life

Human is nothing but an intellectual creature. After the movement of humanism, all human beings think that we are the omnipotent power of the world.
But, we doubt it when we understand there are plenty of things that we cannot control in life. Here, I am dealing with a lesson and suggestions on how we can control those things.  Often we take hasty decision to get rid of a situation which turns into a disaster. So, read it carefully, you can control your fate very easily.

List of Contents

1. Why things are beyond our control?
2. Reasons for which we cannot control things.
3. What are the things we cannot control?
4. Who controls our fate?
5. How can I control our fate?
6. Final Thoughts.
7. Things we cannot control quotes

The things you cannot control are-1. The past of your life.2. What others think about you.3. The error that other makes.4. Climate.And, the things you can control are-Everything other than that, such as-
1.    Your society and some elements of nature around you.2.    Your though…