5 Qualities of a Good Leader: Leadership Qualities

  5 Qualities of a Good Leader: Leadership Qualities


Everyone is human beings. But only 10% can be the leaders of various institutions of our society. Why? The answer is very simple, they have some special qualities of a  leader which others have not. I am discussing here some of the situations and qualities of good leadership.

Leader vs. Boss

The main difference is in their attitude. A leader is a person who works with his teammates and maintains a friendly environment. But the boss is superior in rank and his orders (how to work) to his workers.

Qualities of a good leader

Characteristics of a Good Leader

Characteristics of a good leader:

     1.      Should have control over a situation and take the right decision at the right time.

Most of the cases, when a person decides to be a good leader but has no leadership qualities; the first thing he faces is a decision-making problem. He takes the wrong decision. 

In that situation, he should have proper control of that situation. Yes, it is true that it depends on experience but he should have a special instinct to do that.

I am giving an easy example, a  good leader should know, which member is suitable for what purpose. 

Suppose in cricket, a bowler cannot be a wicketkeeper, similarly, one who fields in the outfield should have strong arms and good running speed and accuracy and captain should know his team members well. 

Here, knowing his team members helps him to control the situation and takes the right decision.

    2.     Should have 3Cs: Confidence, Creativity, and Commitment.

The most important characteristics of a leader are 3Cs: Confidence, Creativity, and Commitment.  

If you follow the above mention steps you should have the confidence. Commitment is no doubt important. You can not even be an important member of a team if you don’t have commitment. It is the primary point. 

Last is creativity. It is a combination of skills and experience in a particular field. You have to find a better way of working and solving problems, you have to do those work that others cannot do, that proves you are a skilful person.

    3.     Should have honesty, positivity, responsibility.

These are the common characteristics of a leader. Every team members should have this ability. 

Honesty, responsibility needs no explanation. Here, among these three, I am focusing on positivity. 

A leader must face failure, but the leader should stand up and think about the possibility he has got from this failure. 

He should analyze the reason for that failure, suddenly he realizes that he has gained many positivities; biggest positivity is he has the knowledge of his own failure. 

    4.     Should have good communication skill.

Availability is the key for a leader. Many people do not want to be a leader because they are busy. You have to listen to all the problem of your team members, associates, and customers.

 Analise their feedback, only then you can find the loopholes of your institutions and blueprint of developments.

    5.      Should have a sense of gratitude and encourage team members.

Team members are working for you; they choose you as their leader. Yes, you have some leadership quality but you should have a sense of gratitude towards your team members. 

Some times they can not fulfil your expectations. Encourage them in that time, listen to their problem and gives suggestions to them. 

Thus, you have to maintain a balance as a worker and as a leader. You can be the role model sometimes and if you inspire them they can perform many times better than they usually do. 

This is the difference between a good leader and an average leader. Good leaders are the role model in their field.


A person should have all the above characteristics of a good leader. But remember, it is hard to perform well every time.

But, you need to be positive. These are the 5 qualities of a good leader. My best wishes to all of you. Qualities are inside you, just practice and perform those qualities.


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