Importance of Yoga in our Life

Yoga is a Sanskrit word, means ‘to unite’. It unites or joins the mind, body,  and  soul. It has philosophical reference too. It purifies our soul by making our body healthy and stress less and our mind positive.

Different Yoga has different postures and it affects our body differently. We discover the importance of Yoga in daily life, since it maintains a balance of between human and environment because many postures are similar to various elements of nature like tree, lion and many others.

Importance of Yoga, benefits of Yoga

Importance of Yoga

It is purely the Eastern concept of purification. Ancient sages used to perform this before meditation. It unites the gulf of natural and spiritual elements of nature. Now, Western Countries are also believing in these spiritual and physical effects of Yoga and becoming the part and parcel of our life.

Postures of Yoga

Postures of Yoga

The Benefits of Yoga are as follows:

•    Physical Health: Yoga enhances our physical health. Different Yoga has different posture. It makes us more flexible. It improves our postures, it strengthens our muscle and bones, and it strengthens our spine and eases our joint pain. It also increases our blood circulation, regulates various glands of our body. So, we should practice Yoga daily.

•    Mental Health: It ameliorates us to be ecstatic, focused and energetic. Makes our nervous system strong, release tension, boost our immune system. We can perform better if we practice it daily.

•    Spiritual Health: It helps us to improve our social bonding. Creates a sense of positive vibes around us. Spread us peace of mind.

  Read various Benefits of Yoga here.

Thus, we can understand the importance of Yoga in our life. It has numerous benefits. We should practice it daily under the expert guidance to lead a healthy and blissful life.


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