How to Stop Overthinking in 4 Simple Steps

How to Stop Overthinking in 4 Simple Steps


Friends, you have to understand the meaning of overthinking. Thinking is always a positive instinct of a wise man. But, overthinking? It can’t be a virtue. If you think for a long time; is it called overthinking? No. Overthinking is a process of thinking which is fruitless. It can be for 2 minutes or maybe for 20 minutes. So here I discuss how to stop overthinking.

1. Why do people overthink?

The simple answer is when people cannot find any solution, and only then they attempt to create a solution by hook or by crook. 

But, if you consider it in detail, you may find that people are doing this out of trepidation and frustration. Most of the time, they have no option left to solve this dilemma except thinking. 

For an examination hall, if you have made a silly mistake, suddenly you recall it after the examination. 

Then, you are confused about the answer choice you have made. You have nothing to do at that time but to think and solve this problem. This is an example of fruitless thinking.

It is related to the thought of the past and expectation of the future; very interestingly, it has nothing to do with the present time. Actually, it wastes your time.

It is a kind of bad practice; you should not exercise it. If you are a creative artist then you can think for a long time for a fruitful result; to make a story or property, it demands a lot of time. This is all right. 

But, for common people, it is very detrimental. Not only it spoils your time but also harms your mind and body.

over thinking
Stop Over-Thinking

2. How to get rid of it?

Getting rid of it is very simple. Just you have to distinguish between thinking and overthinking. But, the crisis comes when you cannot differentiate it because you feel that you are thinking for a fruitful result. If this is the case, then it is complex. You need counselling.

But if you follow my suggestions, then you can get rid of it quickly in 4 simple steps. It is a practice, it is not a magic.

  • Understand the situation of yourself. Nobody can realize your situation; just ask yourself one question before initiating any thought. Is it fruitful? Or is it really important for me? Here you can classify your thought.

  • Identify the source of your negativity. It may be the cause is your boss, your exam, an accident or your family member. Just avoid it. Engage yourselves in your leisure pursuit or passion.

    Start singing your favourite songs, play a video game or go for an outing. If you cannot do it try to make a conversation with your well-wishers or best friends.  Just engage yourself in some other activities.

  • Be fearless. Do not be afraid of the situation that comes in front of you. Just face it. Remember, there is always a second opportunity for everything. Just you have to be consistent. You cannot predict the future correctly. 

  • Most of the time, we predict our future in a biased way. Accept this truth and avoid such predictions. Focus on the positive side of everything. Enjoy the work you are doing. Be happy and the negativity never ensnares you.

If you follow these simple steps you can get rid of this problem easily. You should apply it. If you face any problem you can ask us. We are always there for you.
Best Wishes.


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