5 Advice to Keep Your Pulse Rate Normal

5 Advice to Keep Your Pulse Rate Normal

Pulse rate is the number of beats a person should have for circulation of blood in the human body. The average heartbeat a person should have is between 70-100. The common way to check your pulse rate is to check by placing your finger on the back of wrist, jawbones or neck. Count the heartbeat for 30 seconds and multiply the number with 2.

Having a lower pulse rate is very important in the human body. High pulse rate can cause obesity, chest pain, low blood pressure, blood clots even heart attack. It actually depends on physical fitness and age. It also depends on emotion.

5 Easy Steps to Keep Your Pulse Rate Normal
5 Easy Steps to Keep Your Pulse Rate Normal


Here, I will tell you 5 important tips on how to keep your pulse rate normal.

1.    Breathing:  This is the most important point, read it carefully. Just take a deep breath and wait for 30 seconds then breathe out.  Do that for 5 minutes. 

Thus, you are not allowing your heart to pump quickly. It actually works especially in the examination hall or during any emotional stress as a short term solution.

2.    Physical exercise: It is a long term solution. You have to exercise daily. Play some outdoor games, walk in the morning in the fresh and clean air. It takes time but it really works for a 40+ aged person.

3.    Eating habits: Change your eating habits. Have a healthy diet. If you already have restriction on foods then immediately consult a physician. Try to intake Vitamins and fatty acids found in tea, nuts, grains, fruits, and fish.

4.    Sleep Duration: Work hard but sleep at least 7-8 hours daily. Early to bed and early to rise is the key for you to remain fit and healthy. 

There is a possibility of getting a stroke at around 3am-4am in the morning. So, wake up early in the morning when you are 50+ of age.

5.    Psychological Counseling: This is the psychological point. Find things which give you stress. Solve that problem. Counselling is needed if it is a long term effect. Try to get used to with this situation. 

We’ll suggest meditating daily for 20 minutes and 10 minutes some mental relaxation exercises. You will be stressless and healthy after 3 months of daily practice.

Do your best. You can discuss it in comment section. If your have a new point or any query, you can always inform us. 

We are always there for you. But for now, practice it and if you feel any difference then report us through a small message.
Thank you.


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