5 Ways to Concentrate on Study: Tips for Students

5 Ways to Concentrate on Study: Tips for Students

Many students complain that they want to study for a long time but cannot concentrate on the study because of many distractions and deviations. 

So, I have thought to write down some interesting and practical ways to concentrate on study for students which help you psychologically to perform better. Read it till the end of this page.              

It is a common problem. Remember, you cannot study more than 12 hours a day and spend 2 hours more for study-related discussion which is called active learning. You need to find out the main cause of your distraction. Read and analyze these points below.

Best Study Tips for Students

Best Study Tips for Students

1.      Proper environment to study: Friends, you need a proper environment to study. The proper environment does not mean a peaceful workplace, it also means you need a group to discuss what you have learned. 

You need proper ventilation and lights. It would be better if you seat near a garden or plant some trees near your workplace.

2.     Time table: It is not the routine you know. It is a habit. You should have a sound sleep for 8-9 hours. Good concentration needs energy from your brain and body. Your brain is like a mobile phone. If you do not charge it, cannot use it for a long time.

It needs to break after 30 minutes. Roughly, a 5 mints break after 30 minutes of continuous study. 

Beside that, for the student, you need to change your subjects after every 2 hours of study. Otherwise, it would be very boring. 

Most importantly, you need to have some times daily to think about other things of your choice or spend some times on your hobby or creation. It’ll give you more confidence.

3.     Need guidance: It can be your parents or your teacher. Their responsibility is very important. If you can’t enjoy any chapter, ask them to discuss it with you. 

Play some quiz game. Enjoy your learning. Note down some important points and questions; revise it twice. If you don’t revise you may forget it after a week and again it will make you bore.

4.     Use of the Internet: You should not use the internet while studying. Definitely, you can use it in the break. Browse some videos related to your study and make it more interesting. 

Try to imagine what you have just read. Call your friends, discuss with them, make groups in social media.

But remember, you need to do all that in the break and not while you are studying. You can not discuss any topic if you do not know about this. This is called active learning. 

Use it to remember each and every topic in your own language in an easy way.

5.    Eating habits: It directly effects on your body. Fried and snacks foods are not healthy for your concentration. It makes you lazy. 

Drinks more water while you study, it helps you to cool your brain and body. Don’t intake high calory foods and exercise daily.

6.    Bonus Points: If possible turn off your mobile phone. I know it is impossible for many people. At least, keep it in silent mood and check it in every 2 hours.

  • Learn to say ‘NO’ during the study. 

  • You can listen to your favourite songs always as it keeps your mind awake. 

  •  Meditate for 20 minutes in the morning.

These are the main study tips for students that you can apply and if you need any further suggestions related to this topic and any above-mentioned points; you can drop an email and comments below, we will try to solve that.


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