How to be a Good Women Entrepreneur

  How to be a Good Women Entrepreneur

Women entrepreneurship is the empowerment of women to develop a business strategy and handle and manage it independently. Women entrepreneurship is an organization where women are working as a team. 

Nowadays, women's empowerment plays a vital role to modify this process. The important part is, due to the high literacy rate, women are coming into the industry and helping other women to get their livelihood.

How to be a Good Women Entrepreneur

How to be a Good Women Entrepreneur

Growth of women entrepreneurship:

Women from different strata of society are starting their business and aiming for self-independence and stable financial conditions.

They are doing this because of the growth of Industry, financial assistance, and suitable resources, growth of literacy rate. 

Indeed in the 21st century, we observe women are taking the most important part of our society.

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This women entrepreneur can be categorized into-

•    Push Factor

Generally, widows angle women come forward for some business and earn their livelihood.

•    Pull Factors

Generally, educated women with some work experience begin a new business. 

Their motive is to be financially independent and help other women to grow up. That’s why it is called ‘pull’ factors.

•    Affluent Factors

Those women who have sound financial conditions and resources invited for an independent business. It is called affluent factors or affluent entrepreneurship.

•    Rural Entrepreneurship

Women from rural areas start a business of their own with a low budget and special skill. 

This section of women is coming forward with a big dream and entrepreneurship qualities.

•    Self Employed Entrepreneurs

Women of below the poverty line trying to do something for themselves on the basis of their skill.  

This process is not so well developed but surely it is a good sign of women empowerment.

The problem faced by women entrepreneur:

•    Women are thought to be weak in society.

•    They have their family responsibility but get a lack of support from the family members.

•    Middlemen come in the business they buy from women at a low price and sell in the market at a high price so, women entrepreneurs do not get their values.

•    High competition but lack of source and not a sound financial condition

How to overcome this problem

•    Fear of Failure

What will happen if I fell? This is the biggest problem of any entrepreneurs. You have to accept the failure. 

Take sine calculated risk; consult with an experienced person on that field. You can surely, overcome this problem.

•    Team Work

Teamwork is the key. One woman should help others and make it a team effort. 

Due to some reason, if one could not come, there should be a helper to perform for her on that day. Make it a collaborative effort.

•    Encourage Other Women

Encourage other women and select them in your group, train them properly for your business and ask them to help you. 

Thus, you can get some helping hand and balance your family and business and your helping hands can get some money to be self-dependant.

•    Right funding for financial help

worse internet asks the expert to know about right and suitable financial funding for your business.

Though this process is fully developed in our society. Still, we can take help from international sources to make it a broad process of women empowerment.

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