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Career is such an important achievement of our life that we are aiming for. Everyone wants to take a dream job. But, how many of you can do it? Only 30% of people can reach their dream in some way or another. Can you be one of them? Then read this article on how to choose your career in different ages of your life. You can easily select your profession. 

It is a step by step guide to lead you to your destination. Our user experience is the key. Comments below if you are satisfied or not.
You need to select your opportunity on the basis of your age. 

If you are a teenager that is under 19 you need to take a different way than the elders. And if you are in the age of 30-35 then it is the highest time to move and achieve your success. 

And if you are successful then please share your story with us. Here, successful doesn’t mean popular or a lot of money. Successful is the moment you get the thing you wants especially in your career. 

The successful story depends on each and every person.


Popularity is a completely different thing. It is the name that you achieve, maybe money with it. As I said popular and success story is completely different. Many popular persons are not successful. Sound strange. I know but think about it deeply.

Before going to the step by step guide I need to clear your concept about the choice of your career. If you don’t choose wisely, it will be a burden in the future and never change your fortune. 

Many of our subscribers surely have such experience. No problem, you can share your experience too. Life is not so small, you have a long way to go. Try till the last breath. We are with you.
  • Human

Before stepping to our final aim it is our humble request to be a proper human being first means humane feelings. Don’t enter in a rat race. 

Surely in the modern scenario, I can’t blame you, because the competition is increasing day by day and you have to catch your aim. I know this problem. 

But I suggest taking these two things differently. See, you have to lead your life at first in whatever way possible. Your good reputation will help you in the future, even if you can’t reach your aim.

Now the problem is-

1. How do you choose the best career?

I know, you need to prepare yourself for your future. But, I will guaranty you if you have no real-life experience you cannot get success with your talent, skill, knowledge. 
So, keep one day in a week or one month in a year for some voluntary activity for your society. I am not advising you to join a NGO rather you can teach the skill, knowledge you have to your juniors. 

It will even make you more famous in your locality.and you know charity begins at home. So starts free coaching classes for your society, interact with people, practice your skill. That is your tuition fees. Don’t compare everything in their monetary value. 

Decide your career. How to choose career
How to Decide Your Career

Now, I want to come in the final discussion of 

2. How do you decide (what to do for) your career?

I’m here saying everything in a very realistic way.

3. How can you choose your career at a very early age?

Say, you are at the age of the teen(under 19). Now, you have enough time to choose your career. But, remember it, if you want a career on the basis of some special skill like singing and dancing, you need to prepare as early as possible otherwise you could not stand up in this era. 

Be aware of this high competition. People only find those who have better skills. You have to practice hard, really really well.

Yes, you can start it tonight but don’t be late. There are many others who have already started to practice their skill. Try to get experience as early as possible.

For instance, if you notice the biography of some sportspersons, singers or dancers; they have started their career at a very early stage. 

There are many other players or singers who could not stand up well. I’m not disrespecting those persons, they are very hardworking and skillful in their job but I am giving this example because you can understand how people find the best skill among all.
How to choose your career, which career to choose, take your decision wisely.
Take Your Decision Wisely

You have to think about it.

Now, you have to decide what should you do? Don’t be afraid of this example, there are many persons who have started very late and finds achievement in their life. 

Your hard work is the key. On the other hand, if you start early and become inconsistent then you cannot achieve your desired career.

In every career, to get the highest value you need hard work and consistency. Hard work mentally and physically is necessary to learn the skills and to promote your skills. Basic is very simple in all sector of your life.

So, I have decided these in two parts to learn and to promote. If you request me to focus on this topic further. I'll write another article on it. I cannot write it here because it’ll be too long.

  4. What should you do?

I'll suggest there are no substitutions of knowledge. You should have your aim but don’t hamper your study for it. Study as long as possible, go for the highest degree. 'learning is' not ‘a dangerous thing'; it is very handy.

I am not talking here about any specific line of study because there are plenty of choices for you. If you want any specific discussion just contact us or comments down below. I’ll focus on it in the next article.

Next, I’ll focus on the choice of career for the adult; say the age of 28-35.

5. How to choose a career at 30?

You have already come a long way with a specific choice.

Many of you are trying for a government job. But it is not easy. Only a few of them can get this. What about the others? Who doesn’t have money to join some coaching classes? There are plenty of things to do for them.

This is the high time for you to stand up and be a vital part of our society.

Presently, you have two opportunities; either you start your own business and create an opportunity for others or you can join as a member of other reputed company/business.

6. Choose among this two? What you'll choose?

I'll discuss these two in detail.
First, let’s focus on the second or the easiest option to get rid of this unemployment problem. You can be a small part of a large company. There you just need degrees and some experiences but still, you are a part only. 

Definitely, you can do it to gain some experiences and start your new business latter. This is a very good idea. Many of them, have this idea but they could not turn it into reality.

•    They might have potentiality but lack of understanding of the business.

•    They have a fear of failure. If they fail how they can survive after that.

•    They don’t have a sound financial condition.

•    Need a long time to grow a business.

•    Most importantly they don’t have the support and proper planning. If you can plan properly then you cannot fail in the long run.

I’ll give you a simple formula to deal with it.

•    Start from zero, try to start from the beginning, if you have the experience you can definitely do it. Don’t expect too much reward for your hard work.

•    Charity begins at home so you should start your career from your locality. Build a reputation in your locality.

•    Don’t think about the future too much, it’ll lead you to a wrong and hasty decision. Maybe it makes you frustrated and thus gives up the work.

•    At the beginning don’t work for money. Be passionate about your work. Try to establish yourself.

•    Try to get some help from your family and friends if not take help of online marketing. Tough, it will not work at that time but stick to it.

•    Most importantly, give credit to fellow workers. Mental satisfaction is key, here.

In this way you can start your own business but don’t invest a lot of money, rather you share your business and profit with others. 

But, for many people, this will not work and leads to an adverse situation. Take your decision strongly. I’ll only recommend you if you can stick to it in the long run and have belief and faith to your fellows.

Now, you decide what you will choose and let me know. Maybe you choose some stressful job; some of you choose a high salary job. Yes, it is nice to start with the easiest and stress less job of your choice. Best of luck for your career. 
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