Unemployment is the Biggest Problem: Causes and Solution

Unemployment is the Biggest Problem: Causes and Solution 


Yes, Unemployment makes a man frustrated. Have you ever thought about why unemployment results in frustration? I'll discuss it in a very lucid way. Read it till the end. You'll get new motivation in your life. Here I will also discuss the unemployment causes and solution of the unemployment problem.

Unemployment is the Biggest Problem, Job seekers
Unemployment is the Biggest Problem

Let’s focus on.
  • What is unemployment?

It is a very easy question. Yes, I know what you are thinking. (Wait!!) If I say it is not that easy. Unemployment means Lack of Planning. Sometimes, you are forced to do something because your friends and family members have done that brilliantly.  

In the 21st Century, you cannot blame for lack of career option. It is a lack of confidence in your ability. That’s why unemployment rate is so high is US, Canada and India.

As a solution to the unemployment problem; my suggestion is, you should find your skills and practice it for 2 hours daily. Maybe, it may be some creative arts such as singing or dancing or anything you want. Trust me it'll give results. 

It'll make you more confident.   "Opportunity may come in anytime. No opportunity comes twice. Every opportunity is different from the previous one."
  • How should you choose your career? (Job seekers Planning, Tips)

You should find the causes of the unemployment problem and find out the solution to it.

As a solution to the unemployment problem you can follow the below advice:

First, make a list of your skills and desirable careers. Match them. Ask advice from your parents and Google is always with you.

Now, make a list of the salaries you may get.

Choose the relevant one; that is Plan A say your desire earning is 1 lakh and more (in Indian Currency). Now, make a Plan- B for your carrier. If you cannot achieve it what you will do? (Frustration!! No!!)

Choose a relevant job which can give you at least half of your desire. Say 50-70thousands.

And make a Plan-C which will give you at least half of your Plan B.

Now you need motivation. Guys, here in my blog, I'll discuss anything related to daily life which makes you happy and motivated.

Guys, "you have to overcome the fear of having a lack of money". You need to understand that money is everywhere. Just, you have to take it any way possible, of course in an honest way. You can use your brain or labour, maybe both.

2nd thing, You don't need to think about your family in such circumstances. It'll lead you to a more dangerous way.  You should focus on the basic skills that you have developed from your childhood. 

As an example you may develop teaching skills, advising skills, speaking skills, researching skills; you should focus on these things and earn money.

Then, you have to do the most important things. You should know how to save money. You should spend a fair portion of it with your family. Make your family happy. 

Keep half of your earning to develop yourself in search of your dream job.

It is very simple, guys. Try it. It is a common process for all strata of lives (poor or rich, educated and uneducated). Remember, every famous person has a dreadful past. 

Ever rich person comes from a poor background. You can be one of them too. Keep yourself motivated and start chasing your dream.

Trust me; I can see your bright prospect because you are reading all these motivational stuff. You have taken the first step.

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How to be a good woman entrepreneur.

Have a great day ahead. 
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Best wishes.


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