Top Motivational Quotes for Fitness in 2020

Top Inspirational Quotes for Fitness in 2020


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1.    Fitness is the result of 100% effort to the gym.

It is very true. Need to have an effort of 100% in your training. Be focused on your training period. You have to continue it under expert guidance; you will be fit and strong.



2.    Be strong: mentally and physically.

Only, physically strong will not help in the long run, train your mind to be healthy and fresh as well. Train both your mind and body simultaneously. Be strong in both spheres of your life.


Only, you can change yourself.  Stop giving up. Quotes for Fitness
Motivational Quotes for Fitness

3.    Work for your wish, work for staying fit.

Stay fit. It should be the ultimate motto of every trainer. Spend hours and hours in the gym. One day, you will get the result of this effort. If you wish to stay fit, work for your wish.


4.    No Excuses, Do Exercise.

Excuses do not take care of you. It is the enemy for your aim. Defeat it, don’t use lame excuses but do exercises.


5.    Only, you can change yourself.  Stop giving up.

Giving up will not help you in any way. It’s your life; you have to make your decision. Only you can change yourself. Want to stay healthy? Take your decision accordingly. Go to workout.


6. To remain fit is hard but not impossible. Only you have to be determined and the body can stand almost anything.

Yes, to stay fit you need a proper diet plan. You should consult with an expert. You need to be determined to follow the diet plan strictly. Do not follow a diet plan without consulting any dietician.

7. You have to go ahead of yourself with a strong will, if you win, the reward is yours, if you lose, experiences help to rise again and make it happen. No one will do it for you.

You need to go ahead of your ability. Either you win or you lose but you can learn something and that move you ahead of yourself.

8. Discipline plays an important role in gaining success. It is the initiative towards motivation.

Discipline in your diet and workout make it more effective. Discipline is important in all aspects of your life, especially during your workout and when you are following a diet. You can be hungry for the street foods or fried products but you need to follow the diet properly and that is discipline.


9. Don’t be afraid of the unknown, start, get into it. Impossible things seem hard first and gradually become your warm-up.

It is very hard to start a workout. It brings pain and tiredness because it is unknown to you. As you do it regularly it will be your warm-up after a few months. So, it seems hard first but when you get into it, it naturally becomes your regular effort.

10. Don’t give up chasing your dream, because you are facing difficulties because difficulties are going to smoothing your way ahead.

You may find difficulties to follow your diet for a long time. But never lose your dream to stay fit. Today’s difficulties will make you more resolute to be strong and fit always. Difficulties are there to test your resolve.

11. Work hard without any complaint to even yourselves.

Do not complain about your hard work and difficulties. It is a long process and you need to be patient to get the results. Do not focus on the fad diet because it only lose your water weight and it is not helpful for the long run. So you need a proper diet and for this, you need hard work.

12. Don’t start counting from the beginning of your workout, start from that part when it starts with pain.

First few months are just warm-ups. You need to start push-ups. But real effort starts from the 6th months so counting start from that month onwards. 

13. I know, it is very painful at the beginning but you cannot gain without pain.

14. Be honest to yourself, you need not clarify anything to anyone.

You are the owner of your body. As an owner commands your body, the body will obey you. Do not try to convince anyone for anything. Your body, your rule.

These are the most important motivational quotes for fitness that I feel very helpful for you. Please, comments down your thoughts after reading it. You can contact me on my email id. We are always there for you.


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