No One Understands Me: Free Counseling and Solution of Depression

This is becoming a big issue in our society. In our busy lives, it is very hard to understand each other, for this, we are complaining no one understands me. The complexity is more than that.

3. What is depression?
4. What is the solution to my depression?
5. How can I avoid depression?

Surely, to understand each other is not very tough to do. It needs time and effort. You need to spend some time with others whatever it is your study or another human being. This is true for everyone and everything.

It is interesting to note that we are not understanding each other but we are complaining about it.

Take some time, to analyze this paradoxical nature of human beings.

If you ask yourself, you can remember that some way or other you are not capable of understanding everybody. Simply because you are you and you are not other.

It is applied to you also. Before evoking the negative feelings of the depressed sentence like ‘no one understands me'. Believe that it is normal and you cannot expect that everyone understands you.

Now, focus on some particular cases-

What will you do in the following cases?

Find your solution from the following suggestions. I think these will be very helpful for you.

The first case is If the other person doesn’t have much acquaintance with you.

Then, you need to question that if the other person does not understand you, is it going to be a big issue? Is he your family member or near and dear person?
If no, then lead your life in your own way. Don’t let this inferiority complex affects you. Be confident of whatever you are doing.

•    After all, it is your life. If the other one has no time to sit and talk with you and understand you, then why are you depressed for it?

•    Be respectful towards them but never expect that they will understand you properly. The truth is you also do not know them properly.

•    And the reality is, if you are right then everybody will understand you at the proper time. Everything takes time. You have to wait for it.

Nature of Human Beings
Paradoxical Nature of Human Beings


Now, in a different scenario

If, your parents or your other half who do not understand you properly. Then, it is somewhat easy and difficult to handle.

I have said easy because they are your family members. Difficult because you need to do it quickly.
The simple solution is to discuss with them freely and frankly. Most of the cases, it happens because the person cannot explain his/her thought properly. 

So, it creates misunderstanding and doubts, arguments and does not make any solution.
For this read these following points.

•     Know what you are going to do. You are not here for an argument. 

Your aim should be managing a solution from this. Because some situations may arise when one of your family members has said something wrong and the topic changed and an argument started.

It is a common scenario that can happen because you all know each other very well because you are family members.

For example, you are talking about getting your job. Maybe your parents want to do some other type of job which is against your choice. 

The worst scenario is your parents may talk about your childhood friend who is very successful after getting a job that your parents want.
But, you need to keep your mind cool and calm (I know it’s hard). But, this is the only way to solve this matter.

•    Know what you are talking about. Use a pad to note down your logic so that you can use it at the proper time. Maximum time, you may forget your logic to prove yourself and express some logic which is completely illogical. 

This happens only because of fear of failure. So be confident when you can talk.

•    I know they do not understand you. But first, show them that you understand them more than others. Know about their emotions, feelings, and thoughts. They are also worried about you.

•    Don’t creat any communication gap with them. This is the source of all family problems. It is true for this case also.

•   Don’t answer them negatively. Show them, you are respecting their thoughts and values. Suddenly, they will try to understand you.

•    The truth is if someone does not understand you. Then, it is a failure for both sides.

•    Lastly, don’t wait for things to happen. Your family member is your first priority. Solve it as soon as possible.

I hope, this will help to solve your problem.

Show Respect Thoughts and Values
Show Respect

Now, I should focus on the third scenario-

If your boss, teacher or someone like them does not understand you. Then, they have priority in your life but they are not your family members so that you can talk with them freely to solve this matter.
What will you do in this case? Before reading further please comment below, what will you do?

Now, find some solution with the following suggestions-

•    Boss and teachers know and favour you for your profession. They have nothing to do with your personal life. 

But, still, if they are intervening in your personal life, then request them politely to not to do. 

But, if you cannot say then wait and watch. They stop intervening you. These are the short term problem on which you have very little or nothing to do.

•    If they are dissatisfied with your performance. And you have good logic for your poor performance, and then talk with them politely.

•    You need to understand that you are working under your boss for your performance. If you cannot perform well, then it is not illogical for them to not listen to you properly. You need to understand them properly.

•    If this is the case, then I think that the boss should have to be cooperative.

•    If they are not listening to you then use written from like email. Email your views to them.

•    Ask some seniors colleagues to help you out, especially who knows your boss well.

•    Remember, it is not you who are facing this. These are the issues which are faced by everybody in some way or others. Moreover, your boss might have faced this also in your age.

•    Lastly, perform well. If you perform well, then you are the gem for your boss and teacher. They will respect and favour you very naturally.

If you have other scenarios in your mind then comments below. I'll include it here.

Moreover, you need to understand

2. Why do I feel that nobody understands me? Why don’t people understand me?

It is completely normal that most of the people never understand you. 

Friends, Do not be so depressive for this. There are many others who understand you. You have to find them.

I feel like no one understands me, what can I do about this?

There are some probabilities for which no one understands you. Below are some of the characteristics which can be found in you. If yes, then rectify it.


Maybe you can too introvert to express yourself. How can you introduce yourself? Maybe you do not reply in full sentences. Like, what is your name? You are saying Rohan, instead of saying my name is Rohan Jackson. 
It expresses your characteristics that you are not willing to talk with others. But maybe you like to talk but these small things are creating misunderstandings. You should rectify it if this is you.

•Body Language

You need to improve your body language. This is very important. You can take some counseling courses.

Generation Gap    

Sometimes, you are willing to advise your elders but as you are not mature, they are not willing to talk with you. It is very normal. You need to prove that you can do that too.

•  Helping Hand

You need to keep a positive mindset and raise a helping hand always. People like to take help in difficulty. Maybe they are not asking you for help. 

But, if you find someone who needs help (in your family or in the street) you should go and help him/her.
Thus you can be peaceful in your mind and expressive from your heart. This is a psychological treatment if you are facing this issue as ‘no one understands you’. These steps already help many of you. You can see the world through different spectacles.

Negative Thinking CReates Troubles
Negative Thinking Creates Troubles

• Millions of others

You are not alone who thinks like this, there are millions of others like you. Maybe this problem is temporary and you are thinking too much. Most of the scenario, this is the case. 

Your too much negative thinking creates too many troubles. Just be relax. Believe that everybody understands you in their own way.

• No one is perfect

If someone is not understanding you. Is it a big issue? Everyone is not perfect. You are not perfect. I am not perfect. Misunderstanding is a common issue in this world. 

Most importantly, those who misunderstand you are not perfect also. We all are human beings. I should suggest if you are not mature enough then be humble but enjoy a ‘who cares’ attitude in you.

We all are Human beings
We All are Human Beings

• You are depressed

This is the main reason that you are depressed mentally and emotionally. If you are not, then be positive and humble always.

You need to identify the reason for your depression.
There is a good way to identify it.
List down all those thoughts which are disturbing you.
Make a column of important T and not so important T
Then, mark out all those thoughts which are not important in your life. The next step is very simple, solve out all other issues as soon as possible and forget all those unimportant thoughts.


Actually, most of the depressed person says no one understands me. It is just the expression of their depression and nothing else.

•    Chain Depression

 If you are depressed, then you will find negative in everything and it creates further downfall and depression. Better, rectify it as quick as possible.

For example: if you are already depressed and you are going for an interview with this mindset. Then? I hope you can understand the result. 
I know you are sensible enough, so you are not going to express all of your depression at that time. But the problem lies in your thinking. 

How can you control it if it is deep-rooted?
So, if you can identify the problem of your depression then solve it quickly.

•    Music and Exercise

Music therapy is a good treatment for this; otherwise, you can listen to your favourite songs and have daily exercise. It'll make you positive and energetic. These will solve many of your problems.

Maybe you need some vacation from your day to day lifestyle. Have a break, go for a tour. There you can get in touch with unknown people and as you are a guest, they will behave with you nicely. This will change your mind. 

•    Accept Everything

Accept what is happening outside. If you can change it, then go for it. If not then accept it. But the reality is, it is very hard to accept if anything is going against you. 

if you cannot accept it, don’t accept it but consider the positive outreach of that incident. You can fight against any odds from now on.
Do not accept it

Then, I should advise you- if you cannot accept it, don’t accept it but consider the positive outreach of that incident. You can fight against any odds from now on.

As I said above, no one understands me is the expression of your depression.

Now some basic questions-

3. What is depression?

The very simple answer is when things are going against outside and you are full-on negativity inside. This is called depression.

We have quotes and activities related to depression. 

4. What is the solution to my depression?

But in short, the solution is to start from your inner feelings that you can control very easily and then focus outside which is not a little harder to control.

If you follow the above advice and willing to work on it, you can see the result in 6 months.

5. How can I avoid depression?

Follow the above advice to avoid it.

Hopefully, all the above suggestions will help you. If you need any suggestions or want to give us suggestions, you can contact us anytime.


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