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Difference between fear and tension.

Most of the people cannot define the subtle deference between fear and tension/anxiety.

Tension is the result of a fear factor. If you are not well prepared it will lead you to fear and fear causes the tension.

Tension is concerned with the present or near-future situation means what is happening? Can I perform well? And all that.

Mainly, there are two types of fear and we can divide it as the psychological fear and the fear of death. 

Psychological fear is What the people will say or think about me? What will I do if I have done this? Psychological fear is controllable and it is a negative side of fear. On the other hand, fear of death is necessary for our life.
Now, you can well understand the difference; the problem is your preparation and performance in any situation.
On the other hand, the negative consequence of fear is anxiety. It is also different from tension.

Your fear vs Society

This is now going to be interesting reading. You have to decide on your choice. Would you like to get rid of your fear of society to perform better or you are afraid so you escape from your duty.
Now, let’s understand-

Why do people think about society?

It is an ancient concept. Now it is a myth. None fears society. You need to understand that in society everyone is like you who fears society. So, what is the necessity of such fear which does not have any value to us?

Nowadays, people do not think so much what you have done wrong on the stage or what you have said as long as you are sensible.

As you can see, established person do not afraid of the society while they perform on stage or off stage rather they enjoy their duty.


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