Identify Your Fear and Overcome it- Part 1

You can overcome your fear in your own way. I am here to make you understand how you should focus on your fear and your solution to overcome it.

Many videos and different articles have explained how to overcome fear. But here I am writing about this fear in a very different manner and focus on the causes and facts of this negative vibration or feelings.

What is the fear? What Causes fear?

Very interesting question. Can you spend some time to explain it in the comments box below?
I have thought about and researched in this subject. Now, I am giving it in my way-

•    Fear is nothing but the difference between expectations and reality.

You expect one thing but doubt your ability to fulfill your expectation. This doubt is fear. Very complex I know. Let’s explain it in a simple way, for an example: fear of examination is a part and parcel of every student. So, I think I should explain this.


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