Public Speaking Questions and Answers | Part 4 |

How to solve the fear of public speaking?

It is a very common question. Though I’m not the appropriate person to write about it. But, I have done some research so, I am suggesting you some key points to get rid of this kind of fear.

•    The main hindrance for a new speaker is- s/he always thinks about his/her audience. Don’t care about what the audience is thinking. 

Remember that, they have come here willingly to listen to what you will speak. Most of the time they only remember those points which are appropriate for them. 

For example, in a classroom, a teacher is teaching you for one hour but have you remember all of those points later in the day? No, the brain can only remember 10% of what it listens throughout the day. So, don’t worry about it.

•     Now, you will say the overall impression matters. So, your overall impression will not be created after your debut performance. It is a long term process.

•    Public speaking is a skill and you need to acquire this skill if you want to be a popular speaker.

•    Start public speaking with the help of your fellow friends, family members, and natives. Ask and analyze their feedback and work on these.

•    Now, after all these steps focus on your content. Your content should not be a scraped. Practice it at your home and it should be a properly researched work.

•    Be confident, your content is ready, you are psychologically ready. Now, go for it.

Is it a skill that I need to develop?

Yes, off course. Public speaking is a skill. Psychologically you need to be confident and superior to your audience. You have to speak about your original content.

Before acquiring this skill, you have to understand your cause of this fear and then practice will help you to get rid of this. It is not a major problem but of course, a majority of people have this problem.

What can I expect from society?

Expect nothing from society. You have this fear and you need to solve it. Society can only give you feedback. If you are good then it responses well.

As I said don’t think about the population of society but give high moral value on your contents.


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