What is Fear? Questions and Answers

Is fear a normal thing?

Indeed, it is normal. Fear is normal until you are prepared enough to do that. But if you could not overcome it after your preparation and practice then it is a disease. You may need a consultation. I am excluding the fear of death from this discussion.

For example, para climbing is a dangerous stunt but every time you do this you should have the fear of death. It is very normal.
On the other hand, the fear of public speaking is psychological. You should overcome it after a few practices and performances.

Is it a disease?

If it is under your control, then no problem. Otherwise, you may need a check-up. Don’t worry, most of the disease-related to fear is psychological. You can get rid of it with patience and practice.

How can I overcome this? How do I get rid of fears?

See, there is no appropriate way to overcome this. Different fears have different ways to solve. You need proper counseling and proper psychological strength to get rid of this fear.
For your convenience, I can point down some general rules that will help you in your life.

•    Know the reason for your fear. You need to undergo a self-analysis. This is the first and ultimate step that you need to take to overcome such a problem. Is it a fear of death? Then it’s ok, it may have some valid reasons.

But, if it is a psychological fear that means you has low self-esteem. You need to change your thought pattern. It is not a very hard task but it needs continuous mental practice. 
You can practice some Yoga or Meditation to get quick relief. Your psychology means not only the brain and minds but also the part of your body, your thoughts and food habits that influence your psychology.

•    Lead a routine life and have a sound sleep because it effects your thinking. I know, it is complex. But yeah, psychology itself is very complex, especially if it is related to the opposite gender.

•    Identify the source of your fear; write it in your diary.

 Now, it has two impacts on you. Either you identify or solve it or it will haunt you in your carrier. Hopefully, a positive result will come out and you can figure out the actual source of it and make sure that it will never come in your future.

•    Believe someone as your inspiration. 

Try to follow his/her skills and acts. Don’t need to be like that person but take some positives from the person. Try to figure out the x-factor from that person and implement this while you will perform. Suddenly, you can find out your x-factor while performing. Though it takes some times but believes me it is not magic, it is a reality.

•    Be positive. It is a very common solution for each and every problem of our life. 

Don’t need to explain this. But, I'll explain the different aspects of being positive especially in this situation. Let’s see, friends, try to imagine yourself as a successful person. 
Think about what you will do if you taste success for which you are working. Just think about this. Maybe you earn a lot of money, popularity or get high marks in any exam or just have a simple peaceful life.
The point is, you will get the reward for which you are working in a present. So why will you restrict yourself for your fear, if you can taste your success if you overcome it?  Isn’t it? Think about it. You have more potential but you are suppressing those for your fear. Believe this psychological fear as your enemy.

•    This is another most effective steps to overcome your fear. Do the work again and again to overcome it. 

Like in cricket if you are afraid of a cricket ball just play with it, after a few days you will get used to it and that will not cause any harm in your performance. 
For a stage performance just attempt a stage rehearsal before your final performance, it’ll effect you instantly. You feel comfortable when you perform it twice on the same stage.
The last thing, I want to say especially for public speaking that, you can enter the stage earlier and talk with your audience before your speech so that you can be familiar with your audience. In sports also this is a minor step, taken by many good players to make a major impact on their performance.
In conclusion, I need to say it again and again that fear is very normal human feeling as long as you can control it. To control it there are no 'steps' to follow. Just focus on your problem, understand the matter and solution will come in front of you. Remember the line ‘you are the creator of your fear and you can be the destroyer of it, none can solve it for you until you realize it’.Psychological treatment can play a vital role but again ‘you need to realize it’.
The problem and solution are in your mind.
I hope, you have read it very carefully and now think about your fear. What are the causes and how you can overcome it.  Just be focused you can find out an easy way to get rid of this fear.
Let me know, how I can help you further in this topic? If you have any suggestions please comments.


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