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Why does a student fear?

Simply because he doubts his ability. He may have studied well and may haven’t. But fear is there in every student life.
Those who don’t study, feel that how could they pass this examination? And those who have studied well, think if they could not get the highest score or could not secure their future of further studies, what will they do?
There are many reasons-

 Firstly, society and what it will say.

Secondly, some personal reasons(marks, parents, competition, future and all that).

Not only the students but most of the people think about the consequences of their work, about their impression in society.
Very strange! On the one hand, the person is the part of the society and cannot live without it, on the other hand, that person afraid of society!
This is the reason for failure.
There are many popular definitions of this fear. I have researched it and listed down some of those in my language-

•    Fear is a false imagination and not reality, so we should avoid it.

But, I don’t think it as imagination because most of the time a person fears for a very real cause.

•    Fear is a negative force in our life.

Here, I think sometimes fear is very important to perform well, rather say to prepare well for the performance. What you will think?
Though, I agree with the fact that fear has also negative consequences.

•    Fear is the boundary of our life.

This definition is very interesting and philosophical. No doubt fear to restrict us and shows us the boundary. Now, think about it in another way-
Now, you have seen the boundary of your life because you have performed very well to come here from the center point if your life and now you are on the verge of crossing this boundary. Think positively and go for it.


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