Ultimate Guide to Follow Yourself and Not Others- Aim for Cent

Ultimate Guide to Follow Yourself and not Others- Aim for Cent

Is it a good approach to follow only yourself and not others? Off course not. Most people advise you to look to yourself. But, you need to look at others. As a human being, you don’t have the power to live a life alone. So, you need to look at others for your betterment as well as others.

Ultimate Guide to Follow Yourself and not Others- Aim for Cent
Ultimate Guide to Follow Yourself and not Others- Aim for Cent

Most of the cases, you can see that you cannot take your decision alone. You always need help from others for different matters.
Here, I will discuss why you should look to others besides following yourself.

Here, I have responded on the following questions:

  1. What is the meaning of just be yourself?

  2. How do I start thinking about myself?

  3. How can be my best self? 

  4. What is your unique strength? 

  5. Why are you following others? 

  6. Why people will follow you? 

1. What is the meaning of just be yourself?

Be yourself means to grow your unique characteristics. If someone can do the same as you then it is not yourself.

Spread your unique characteristics in your society to be yourself.
Ultimate Guide to Follow Yourself and not Others- Aim for Cent
Ultimate Guide to Follow Yourself and not Others- Aim for Cent

For example, famous singers have their unique voice and you can identify them by listening to their voice. Even, new singers are advised to be yourself for their voice. 

Do not follow other singers. That does not mean you should not follow them, rather you should follow them and sing their song to be like them, but do something different so that people can understand you as you. Not ‘you’ as a duplicate or a demo of a famous singer.

How can you do it?

Simply, create your own brand, promote your skills and you should have a unique voice. Moreover, you can distinguish yourself by your body postures. These are the small parts of skill but have a huge value in your carrier.

I am using that example so that you can understand it in a better way. Everyone loves to sing, so it is a nearer and dearer example for all of you. As I said, everyone loves to sing but very few can establish themselves as famous/popular singers.


Because of their uniqueness.

I think this is the most relevant and easy example for the above questions such as how to be yourself and how to be yourself by following others.

Next time, when you will do your professional work, do it passionately and explore your own uniqueness to ‘be yourself'.

2. How do I start thinking about myself?

You need some maturity to do this. You need to have a basic knowledge about reality, about your ability, society opportunity.

Children cannot think for themselves. Firstly, because they are not mature enough to do this, parents are there for them. Secondly, they are not trained to think about them.

Do you need to identify what will you think about yourself? Such as your job, education or your bad habits, your skills and all that.

3. How I can be my best self?

Just understand yourself. Know the strong and weak points of your character. But, it needs a deep understanding of you.

If you do not know you properly, then you may put into some work which you are not capable of. It leads to discouragement and negative feelings.

You have to be the friend, philosopher and guide for yourself. What do you think? Is it easy?

Definitely not. 'Best' is the superlative form of the word 'good'. So, it is impossible to be your best self but you can be your well-wisher.

Ultimate Guide to Follow Yourself and not Others- Aim for Cent
Ultimate Guide to Follow Yourself and not Others- Aim for Cent

Here are some tips that help you to bring out the best from you.

  • Understanding of your goal

The goal is important. But more important is to understand your goal properly. In other words, know the impediments of attaining such goals. 

If you ask a school student about his goal or aim, he can deliver a 10 mints speech on it. But, there is a lot of difference between the goal of a child and an adult. 

The difference is their knowledge of life. So, you can be your best self if you guide yourself properly in life. And How could you guide yourself properly? If you have enough knowledge about your job.
  • Positivity

It is the most common points that everyone is talking about. But, here you can find a different shade of positivity. Here positivity not only means a positive attitude but also positive morality, positive outcome for society.

You can make something which is only good for you but harmful for society and of course with a positive attitude of I can do it.

Positivity means the sum of all positive works that you are doing to bring a positive outcome for you and your society.
If you spread positivity, it will return to you.

  • Be a member of a large group

Manpower is essential in any situation. Moreover, when you are surrounded by some people, you can solve any hard task very easily.

Even, you feel a sense of positivity and brotherhood when you work with others, it makes you perfect. Because you know you cannot do everything perfectly. 

So, you can take the help of others. In return, you will help them. 

Thus, you can spread happiness and positivity. Then, people will follow you for your deeds.
  • Practice 

Practice makes a man perfect. Everyone knows the meaning. Here, you will find a broader meaning.

Practice means the practice of your professional works, passion or hobby and most importantly practice of good habits of gratitude.
You know everything about the practice of works and hobby. So, here, I focus on the practice of good and helpful habits and a sense of gratitude.

Practice the habit of helping others. You can not live alone; I’ll discuss it at the next point. Good habits are, you know, the habits that keep you motivated and attain the goal of 100%.

Now, the practice of gratitude is also important. Gratitude to those who help you in your life and gratitude to your life itself. Gratitude to those positive moments that help you in the long run and that makes you what you are.

This sense of gratitude is the source of all positive vibes around the universe.
  • Analyze your progress

Analyze the progress of your work and your life. Find the difference of where you should be and where you are now. Thus, you can find the gulf between your planning and reality. 

Now, focus on the progress of your work. In a major case, there must be a huge disappointing graph of your workflow. 

The disappointment comes when you face reality. Believe it as natural and try to bridge the gap through hard work and replanning.

If you can work according to your plan then you are the best self of yours.
  • Balance your life

Balance is important. Especially for women. As male and female are equal in our society so we can say that we need to have a perfect balance between our work and family.

The family should be your first priority. But, how can you maintain it if you do not have money? That’s why you need balance.

You also need to balance between you and others. Keep a balance between following your idol and maintaining your unique quality. You should be a hybrid quality or a Superman. 

Here, Superman is not a superhero but a superior man who have superior qualities than his previous generations.

Ultimate Guide to Follow Yourself and not Others- Aim for Cent
Ultimate Guide to Follow Yourself and not Others- Aim for Cent

You have to keep these balances then you will be the best self for you.
  • Ask three questions-

Please follow this process to know about you, about your inner feelings. It’s a psychological process and totally scientific formula to get a straight cut answer about yourself. While answering these questions make sure you are honest with your answers. Otherwise, it’ll not solve your problem.

The questions are-

4. What is your unique strength?

Find your unique strength. Though you are the right person to know about yourself. But sometimes, it is hard to answer such questions honestly. 

What you'll find is a biased kind of answer. So for this, don’t ask your friends and experts. Only ask your parents who are with you from the beginning. 

They know you better because they have seen you are growing up through their mature point of view. Then can analyze your unique quality. Thus, you can answer this question.

5. Why are you following others?

Ask yourself. Please, sort down these points and analyze these if those reasons are helpful for your future. If yes, then go for it.
But, remember there is a lot of difference between following and imitating. 

Here, I am suggesting to follow and not to imitate. Follow others but don’t be like them. Be like 'you'.

6. Why people will follow you?

Ask yourself if you have any qualities for which people will follow you. That means you need to practice that quality for your betterment.

If you can’t find the reason. Then, yes!! That’s the opportunity. Make it, find it, spread it so that you can follow yourself and people will follow others.

Ultimate Guide to Follow Yourself and not Others- Aim for Cent
Ultimate Guide to Follow Yourself and not Others- Aim for Cent

I would like to listen to these three answers in the comment section below. Please, find your qualities and write it here. Thus, you can help others to find their qualities.

If you have any query, argument or suggestions related to this article. Please let me know in the comments section below..


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