Happiness: Its Definitions and Importance in Our Life

Happiness: Its Definitions and Importance in our life, Choices and Facts

Here I am answering some frequently asked questions on happiness. Answers are easy to understand but to apply it in your life is somewhat difficult. You need continuous practice. Read it till the end.

1.    What is the best definition of happiness?

 It is a very common question. Let's try to describe it.

Happiness means the fulfilment of all emotions and desires. But it varies on person to person. Everyone has a different set of choices in their lives so the definitions also vary according to it. More or less, you are happy when you have fulfilled your desire and achieve your aim and dream.

You need to feel the difference between your present and your past. If you find much positive and encouraging difference then you feel happy.

You need to understand what you want to feel happy just achieve it and formulate a new definition of happiness for your life.

I want to listen to your definitions of happiness. Please write in the comments section below.

2.    What is happiness in life?

We need to find happiness because it is there in our life but we are so ambitious that we attain to be more happy or happier than another person, so this comparative attitude is the hindrance of our happiness. Just accept whatever you are and you have in your life. Definitely, you will be happy.

Happiness is the aim of our life. Everyone wants to be happy. But we are searching for ‘permanent’  happiness which is unattainable and it results in unhappiness. So, happiness is cyclical processing our life. Moreover, our choice of happiness influences others around us and our society.

So to attain happiness in our life we need to get rid of our over-confidence, anxiety, comparison and overthinking.

Every ‘over’-word has a sense of alertness. That means you are crossing your limit. So, we need to understand our limitations and find happiness.

Yes, you need to have higher ambition and you can cross your limit but don’t get disappointed if you fail because you already have reached your limit and find happiness inside that limited/ boundary.

3.    What is physical and psychological happiness?

But attaining psycho happiness is a tough job, it deals with feelings and emotions. These are difficult to control.

Physical happiness is luxurious happiness which you can buy. Lifelike living in an air conditioning room in your house, going on a long drive and travelling famous and beautiful places, having your favourite dishes are examples of physical happiness.

It can give you mental happiness, which is psychic.

Most of the people are in pursuit of psychological happiness because physical happiness is easy to achieve. If you have the money you can have it also.

We need a lot of practice and self analyze to attain phycological happiness.

4.    Is happiness a choice?

To choose it, you need to train your mind to believe that you are happy with whatever you have.

Definitely, happiness is a choice. You have to feel it and choose it to be happy. In this world, there are plenty of things which make you unhappy, frustrated and sad. But, inside all of these, you can find happiness.

Choose positive people and maintain a positive mindset. This is the source of happiness.

5.    What is true happiness?

True happiness is when you feel happy for others. You may find happiness in your life.

But, think about when you can spread this happiness to your near and dear members.
Think about when you are the reason for their happiness, and you feel happy about that. According to me, this is true happiness.
In this case, you don’t need to find happy, happiness will find you. This is true happiness when everybody around you is happy.
It can be both physical and psychological happiness.

6.    How do I find my true happiness?

It is a long term effort which comes from finding your small happiness which is not so big issue to talk about.
Plenty of initial steps to follow, such as –
  • Positive attitude,

  •  Meditation and yoga.

  • Good friend circle.

  • Focus and concentration and many others.

Better, I am giving an example to make you understand this-
Suppose, you are not a very good student and you get low marks in the exam.
Naturally, you are unhappy. Just take those initial steps and work hard. After a few months, you realize that you are a changed person. Now, you feel happy. 
But this is not true happiness. In this phrase, you need to find/choose happiness in your life.

True happiness comes when you get higher marks in the exam and your family members are happy. This is true psychological happiness. Later, in your life when you earn money and lead a luxurious life then this is true physical happiness.

This is true for all job seekers and businessmen. Just write your own life story and send us.

7.    Why happiness is important in our life?

This is the most important things because it invokes good feelings inside us.  None wants to be unhappy. 

Firstly, We are trained to be happy.

Secondly, it is easily achievable. We do need to compete with each other for it. Everyone has a sense of happiness. Physical happiness is for those who want to spend money on it. On the other hand, psychological happiness is for all.

Which kind of happiness you want. Please let me know.

8.    What are the benefits of happiness?

You know the common benefits of happiness.

•    Happiness can change a person.

•    It Canmake the universal brotherhood.

•    Encourage you to go beyond your limitations.

•    It can improve your personality.

•    It can lead us for better development both materially and emotionally.

9.    Is happiness the most important purpose in life?

It is not the most important purpose. But you find happiness then you can solve other problems very easily. It depends on each and every person. It is one of the important purposes in our life.

Most importantly, we all have this purchase in our mind. It somehow reminds us that we all are similar because we are human. We all have this feeling that ' I need to find happiness, for me and for all’.

10.    What are the signs of happiness?

Whenever you feel happy, you feel that results are coming in your way.  Everyone around you looks very affectionate and leads to a happy environment.

Feeling focused, motivated and positive are the signs of happiness.

Your problem will be solved automatically because your mind and brain are functioning well.
You feel a sense of duty to others especially to the poor and neglected people around us.
Above all, happiness leads to further happiness.

11.    What makes a person happy?

You can try the followings-

i) Relationship

A good relationship makes both people happy. It raises a sense of gratitude towards others. When you show respect, it naturally makes a person happy.
But bonding is very important in a relationship. You need to help other people; it also makes a person happy. You know teamwork is important. It makes a difficult task a very easy one.

ii) Money

Money also makes a person happy. You can buy anything and no doubt it is important. But remember, it can lead you to severe disasters.

On one hand, it is a cause of happiness but on the other hand financial problem is a big issue, a minor mistake can lead you into stress, anxiety and loss of money and happiness.

iii) Past

The events and memory of the past make a person happy. You can remember the emotions and feelings related to past events in your leisure time or when you feel alone. It definitely, creates a sense of gratitude for whatever you are today and makes you happy.

In a case study, it is shown that if you have no major sad or accidental event/memory in your past, then when you reminiscence your past life, only good and positive memory comes out from your memory. Do it- I want to know some of your past memories in a few lines.

iv) Future imagination

Fancy of your future makes you motivated and positive. If you know, you can do something in the future then start today. Don’t waste your time for thinking, make it a reality.

Even, for creative artists such as poets, painters, songwriters need a good imagination skill to bring out the best from them. If you cannot imagine how can you create?
Creation has a different level of happiness and if someone appreciates it, then it means something for the creator.
It is also true for everyone. You can always use imagination to be motivated and solve out any problem. But imagination should be a realistic one.

v) Exercise and Meditation 

Practice Yoga and meditation daily. All of these postures and practices have a significant scientific value on your body and mind. Yoga makes you fit and it also has a mental and spiritual significance. On the other hand, meditation keeps the balance between your mind and body. It makes you calm and composed.

Moreover, all of these make you happy in various ways. Firstly, it keeps your mental and physical balance. Secondly, you can perform better. Thirdly, if you perform better, then the result will be positive and that will make you happy.

These are scientifically proved.  Everyone successful and famous persons practice it regularly. It is an open secret for all.

12.    What hormone makes happy?

Dopamine is called the happy hormone. Other hormones are Endorphins, Serotonin, and Oxytocin.

13.    How can I look happy?

This is a very common question but suddenly another question would arise why you need to look happy? Are you not happy?

Pretending to be happy for another person is not a solution. Better you train your mind to be happy always; so that you don’t need to pretend.

Though smiling is a good habit people can definitely understand that you are not happy if you wear a false smile.

Secondly, you should have a daily physical exercise to be fit and fine always.

But, pretending to be happy is not a solution. Search for a solution and happiness should come from your mind and soul.

14.    How can I be happy alone?

You can try this-

i) Confidence 

Confidence is the key. If you are well enough you have the power of a hundred people. Just keep you motivated like this. It will make you happy.
On an interesting note, I would suggest working with a team on a difficult task because in a middle phrase when you need to solve difficult problems then no such motivation will work in reality.

But yes, you need confidence; it helps you in the initial stage. Forintrover people, they have a good skill of analysis and they have the capability to be happy alone. They avoid chaos and parties but lead a very disciplined and routine life. If you perform better like these then this is perfect for you.

But, extrovert people are happier in practical life. If you are an extrovert then you have various other ways to be happy.

ii) Hobby

Your passionate works like your hobby can make you happy when you are alone. Hobbies like reading books, painting and birds’ photography do not need much interaction, so these are the best for you.

As I said, creation leads to a different level of happiness. You can create something. Be a creative person. This may be a form of expression of your mind if you are introvert. You can feel happy if you express your thought properly.

If you don’t have a hobby, try to make a hobby, based on your passion and leisure time for you and for your happiness.

iii) Self-analysis

When you are alone, self-analysis makes you happy. Analyze your good characteristics and memories related to it.

iv) Imagination

Bright and creative imagination can make you happy. We have discussed this in the previous answer. I hope, you have read it already. If you have any question you can ask me.

Thus, you can be happy when you are alone.
Hopefully, I have solved your queries. If you have any questions and doubts, you can comment below. If you have any suggestion for us, we are here to hear from you.


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