Meaning of Shoot for the Moon: Full Explanation

Shoot for the moon. Even if you miss, you'll land among the stars.” 

Shoot for the Moon Quotes
Shoot for the Moon Quotes

  •   What does it mean to Shoot for the Moon?

It means we should chase the highest dream. If we shoot for the moon, we may get a star.

For a student, If you want to be the first boy in the class.
As a result, you may not get the highest marks; still, you get higher marks than any of the students in your class. You get better knowledge and confidence.

  • Shoot for the Moon is no doubt highly allegorical expression. Moon is a symbol of beauty. It may mean to chase for beautiful things. Probably, what he means, is not lady love. It is the beautiful things in the world which is highly apparent.
It varies from person to person.
For you, it is love or maybe money or honesty.
But, the core meaning is you have to try to acquire the highest possible target.

  • We should know about the incident of N. Armstrong’s landing on the surface of the Moon-

As he strolled over the moon Neil Armstrong said his well-known line-

 "That is one little advance for a man, one monster jump for humankind."
Shoot for the moon quotes
Shoot for The Moon Quotes

What's more, they said it wasn't possible.

The majority of us are not space explorers speeding into the climate just because. Anyway, we do have ventures the fact that we believe it's excessively startling or dangerous. We can't see the goal obviously so we stop. Be that as it may, we should have a vision.

  • Who said the phrase Shoot for the Moon?

As Norman Vincent Peale, creator of The Power of Positive Thinking once stated-

 "Go for the moon. Regardless of whether you miss, you'll land among the stars."


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