Humanity Still Exists Today (Incident of Schoolchilden)

Humanity Still Exists Today Part: 1

Humanity of Schoolchildren

I have seen a new thing, a new humanity, which is very rare but penetrable to my heart.
Therefore, I want to share this on my website. If you are optimistic, then kindly read it-

Humanity Example, Humanity Instance, Humanity Still Exists Today: Incident of Schoolchilden
Humanity Still Exists Today: Incident of schoolchildren
  • The Incident that I Saw
Yesterday, I was at a Railway Station. I saw a rare incident there, which forces me to write this post.
Two schoolchildren came to the station, which is not rare for me.
They gave two bowls of food to a needy person.
Even, this is not a rare thing for me.
The rare thing is the conversation between those two human beings.
Yes, they are truly human beings.
We often donate some money to a needy person. But we as an adult do not make such conversation- that truly resembles their heart.
This truly shows that they are schoolchildren and they are the future of my country.

The conversation is-
Schoolchildren: Uncle, come here.
Needy person: Thank you, are you going to school?
Children: yes, and this is for you ( they give the two bowls).
Person: Why!! What is inside these bowls?
Children: Food, cooked by my mother, these are our Tiffin boxes, and this is for you, take it.
Person: But. How can I take it? These are for you, what will you eat?
Children: Uncle, please take it, these are for you.
Person: Ok. (Opens one of those bowls). Please, take a little of it.
Children: No, no, I don’t need it. This is for you, take it. My train is coming. I have to go.
Person: (Remains silent).

The conversation ends but the incident is not over yet.

Girls took the train and……
The needy person wished them good-bye, by waving his hands.
The girls reply in the same way.

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  • Back to Present
I still remember the face of those two girls, but not the face of the needy person. It blows my heart.

Before this incident, I never saw such kind of incidents on a road, especially from schoolchildren.
This is rare, very rare, especially in this scenario.
The small children do not bother about any caste, creed, religion, and prejudices.

They are much better than we are, the conversation is much better than a conversation between two couples.

  • This is a real-life example of my journey.

  • If you find any, please send us in language, we will publish them with your name.

  • Let us make the CHANGE.
  • Are you with me?
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