Motivational and Inspirational Quotes (Short) in 2022

 Top Motivational and Inspirational Quotes (Short)

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Motivational short quotes, Inspirtaional quotes short 2020
Motivational Short Quote

1. Do not miss your present because of your past.

Hello guys!! Have you made a mistake in your past? Forget it. Do not spoil your present and future because of your history. Yes, this is similar to your love relationship.

 If you have made a mistake by loving someone and finds that you are wrong, forget it- move forward- this is the ultimate medicine for all your wounds. 

I know its tough, but this should be your attitude. So do not worry and live in the present.

Motivational short quotes, Inspirtaional quotes short
Motivational Short Quote

2. Remember why you are living.

The aim in life- well, that’s important but more important is to remember the aim, to learn new things, thrive for knowledge. What is more important than this? Nothing.
So do not forget the aim and reason for your living. Do not forget your mistakes, but as I said in the previous quotations- live in the present and live your life happily.

Motivational short quotes, Inspirtaional quotes short
Motivational Short Quote

3. Choose to be Happy.

Usually, you hear that you will become the person you want to be. Then, is it possible to choose happiness

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Yes, but no. Yes, because we love to accept this. No, because we have to face a lot of hindrance in our life. 

Well, here is the twist. You need to be happy and satisfied in your toughest time. Do not fill your hunger for knowledge, but keep calm and honest, especially during this toughest time. 

You will become the superhero to your family. And IT IS POSSIBLE.

Motivational short quotes, Inspirtaional quotes short
Inspirational Short Quotes

4. Think about your future, not your past.

What is your future planning? Learn from the past and craft your artful future with all artistry and knowledge and capability. 

Remember, the past is not your life; the future is your life. So, build a superb prospect for your life.

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5. Learn from your mistake.

Learning from your mistakes is very important. Probably, this is the secret of success. Well, you can make mistakes, and this is normal. But you have to learn from it.

6. See the positive things.

You know everything has some positive and negative sides, pros and cons. You need to see the positive things about the opportunity in every aspect of your life. 

This is important. Seeing and thinking about positive things create an optimistic attitude that helps in your success, especially in your downtime.
Don’t worry. This is a practice, and you cannot learn it quickly. Make a continuous endeavor to make this a habit.

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7. Be who you are. Do what you want.

Ok, now look, this is your life. Is not it? So why does the fear of society control you? I know, there are many fearless individuals, this is excellent.
However, what you need is a self-sufficient attitude. Believe that you can control hundreds of people, the people around you, around your society. Believe it and made it real. Be yourself and do what you want to do.

8. Believe that, you can Do it. You must do it.

You have to believe that you can do it. You have to do it. Go for it and win the game. Impossible is nothing that you need it patience, participation, and practice.

Motivational short quotes, Inspirtaional quotes short
Motivational Short Quote

9. Hope is everything.

Hope is everything in our life. If you have nothing in your life, do not switch off the light of hope. It will bring back everything in your life.

H- Honest

O- Optimistic

P- Passion/ Participation

E- Energy/ Encouragement

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10. You are beautiful.

Yes, you are beautiful in your way. Beauty is not the physicality; it is the inner self, brings your comfort and confidence. 

You have the enormous heart in the world- believe it. None can stop you now.
Go and celebrate your success.
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