How to Be Positive Now? Would it Last Long?

Yes, it's very easy to be positive in this situation. But would it last long?

Self-motivation is the ultimate choice for us. Everyone is saying be positive. 
Well, this is a great scenario. Still, it is a test for us.

How can we deny the importance of positivity in our daily life?

We should have the strength to stand against this. We have courage, we have patience. We have everything we need.

The Positive Side

Yes, each and everyone is helping each other. This is a great sign for the future. We should make it our habit. 

Imagining A New Life

Well, we know that life will not be the same again. Still, we are trying to make as same as possible.

Digitalized World

It starts long ago. But now it reaches its zenith. Now we do not have a choice other than having digital knowledge.

Pollution Free Environment

Yes, it's pollution-free But this js not going to last long. After a few years, we will be in the same position that we were a few years ago.

Because history repeats itself.

Kindly, let us know your opinion about the changing circumstances around you/your country.

If you have got this, then I must ask- what is the situation, I'm talking about? 
The answer starts with C.

Best wishes.


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