Solar Fountains Ultimate Guide: 30+ FAQs Answered

Solar fountains enhance the beauty of your residential or commercial premises. Many users buy this out of curiosity, but most customers purchase long solar fountains outdoors to decorate their premises. It is very similar to normal fountains, but solar products save electricity as an eco-friendly option. In this post, I am going to solve all your queries regarding solar fountains. 
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What is the Function of Solar Fountains?

Mini solar fountains do not store solar energy; they operate when they get direct sunlight. The solar panel is connected to the water pump using a cord. The water feature is not battery-powered; it would not operate in the absence of sunlight.

What is the Lifecycle of Solar Batteries?

Generally, solar batteries last about one and a half years. However, the life cycle can be reduced due to overuse.
If you are having problems with your batteries, leave the solar panels outdoors in bright sunlight for at least three days. If the fountain does not work, it is time to get replacement batteries.
For long fountains, I do not suggest using regular batteries or on-grid electric supply in solar products, but you can replace the solar batteries with regular batteries or on-grid supply only to check if it is the fault of the batteries and the system is working properly. 

How Long will the Solar Battery Run after a Full Charge?

How Can You Differentiate a Regular Pump and a Dry-run Protection Pump?
Standard pumps operate even in low water levels, causing the pump to run out quickly. Running a fountain (or its pump) in low water is not a good idea. Please make sure there is sufficient water to run the system. It also causes overheating! 
When it comes to the dry run protection pump, it stops when the level of water gets low enough. I do not know about regular pumps, but most branded solar fountains have dry-run protection pumps, which allow the systems to operate efficiently.
Solar Fountains Ultimate Guide: FAQs Answered

How Long Will a Solar Water Pump Last?

On average, a solar pump lasts for three years. It depends on the way it is maintained and used. Pumps that are cleaned and maintained regularly will last for at least four years.

How Far from a Fountain Can Solar Panels Be?

Most solar fountains come with an extension cord of 16 feet to connect with the solar panels. Furthermore, some of the fountains also come with a 32 feet cord.
Long solar water fountains with batteries offer the option of operating with solar batteries even at night. The pump can be operated with sunlight and also charge batteries. Operating your solar fountain using battery power in the evening or even on cloudy days is possible.

The solar batteries will run for as long as 4 hours if fully charged. However, it depends on its use, power consumption, weather, the surrounding temperature, the efficiency of solar panels, batteries, and many other factors.

solar fountains

What is the Best Location to Install the Solar-powered Fountain?

You can place the solar fountains anywhere outside, but please keep the solar panels in an area where they get enough sunlight. However, you have no choice for a mini solar fountain; it must be kept under sunlight.

What is Included in a Solar Fountain Box?

Each package includes an electric pump, panels, and a 16-foot cord. You can buy other system accessories, such as LED or battery packs.

How can I Change My Outdoor Water Fountain from Solar Mode to Battery Mode?

Based on the system, your solar fountains may have a button or switch that can switch from battery mode to solar mode. Some models will automatically switch to battery mode if there is not enough sunlight. Be sure to follow the instructions carefully or contact a local expert for further assistance.

How Do I Set up Those LED Light Bulbs?

If you are using a long solar fountain, then you can install external panels to run the system. It also needs external batteries. In that case, you can add LED lights with the batteries. Connect the LED cord to the batteries and then set the LED lights within the feature. Please note that the lights will only illuminate when enough energy is stored in the battery pack.

How Do I Set up My Solar Panels for a Fountain?

It is important to set the solar panels under direct sunlight. Otherwise, you can mount the solar panels on the roof, anchor them on the ground, or put it on your patio. Generally, users install the panels on the ground (around the fountain). 

Can I Change the Solar-powered Fountain to an Electric Fountain?

If you would like to change your solar fountain to an electric one, you have to figure out the size of the pump and the length of the water. Once you have that information, you can consult with a local expert to turn it into an efficient electric water pump for your fountain.

What can I Do When My Pump is Not Working?

The first step is to check the wire connections and ensure they are secure and tight.
Then, make sure you are outside under full sunlight. Even if it is set inside, next to a window, it will not function because it is filtered sunlight.
Examine the weather conditions and ensure there are no clouds or fog. Though the temperature does not affect how the pump works, the panel has to be exposed to sunlight for the pump to operate. Rub a microfiber cloth on the solar panel to keep it clean and wait for half an hour and check if it is working properly. 

What Should I Do to Fix the Noise of My Solar Fountain Pump?

The first step is to ensure whether the pump is underwater because if the pump is not fully submerged in water, it may fail to run. Otherwise, it will make a loud noise and burn out.
The noise can be the cause of a clogged or disconnected hose. Check if the hose can supply enough water in the pump. If the hose is not connected and water is not coming to the pump, then it can be an issue. 
Lastly, it can be the cause of normal pump vibration. If you are still hearing the noise of the pump, grab an empty sponge and attach it to the top of the water pump using rubber bands.

Can I Charge the Batteries More Quickly by Using Bigger Solar Panels?

We do not recommend the use of bigger panels because every water pump is tested for a specific power supply. However, this conception is true for solar lamps, where you can use more powerful solar panels to store the extra power in solar batteries.

Do I Need to Use a Bigger Solar Pump to Boost the Flow of Water?

Many service providers inspect solar fountains and offer better suggestions regarding solar pumps. You can consult local experts if you have any doubts or want to replace the pump. Simply take a measurement of the tubing's diameter as well as the overall height of the fountain. Contact an expert team; they will check if they can find an alternative pump that can work with your fountain. However, you will get five different nozzles with mini solar fountains that offer five different flows of water.

What is the Benefit of a Solar-powered Fountain over the Electric Fountain for Outdoor Use?

There are many benefits of a solar fountain over an electric fountain. Apart from being environmentally friendly, solar power is also renewable and will not increase the cost of electricity.

Solar fountains also do not require extended wiring like electrical fountain installation.


What are the Ecological Benefits of a Solar Birdbath Fountain?

The continuous water flow attracts more birds and also keeps mosquitoes away. Mosquitoes prefer to set their eggs in stagnant water. That is why you should install solar fountains that automatically run under sunlight. You can also install batteries to run it at night. 


What are the Various Types of Solar Fountain Panels?

There are two kinds of solar panels: Amorphous and crystalline.

Amorphous Panels

These are manufactured using an encapsulation process which creates electricity and voltage. The panels can be used in dim light conditions. But they are just 7-10% efficient, while the crystalline panels are 12-15% efficient.


Crystalline Panels

These panels are manufactured by creating crystals in chambers and cutting them into wafers. They are then joined to produce the current and voltage. These panels are ideal for small spaces. They also perform better and more efficiently than amorphous panels. 


How Do I Maintain My Outdoor Solar Fountain During Winter?

I suggest the following method if you do not want to use the fountains during winter. First, cleanse and drain the fountain. This will prolong its life and help make installation easier during spring. Then clean the pump using a microfiber cloth and remove the panels and pumps indoors for storage. If you do not use it during cold temperatures, make sure to cover the fountain outside or take it indoors to store it in a safe place.

However most solar fountains work in winter, but it is recommended that you should not use it under snow.


Should I Wash My Solar Pump?

First, disconnect the fountain pump by removing the hose and cord. Then, take off the cover from the pump and scrub the pump using a microfiber cloth. You can also use warm water and mild detergent to clean the pump. Lastly, reconnect the pump, cord, and hose to reuse it.


What are the Various Kinds of Solar Fountains?

There are two kinds of solar fountains. 

Standard Solar Fountains (mini)

The mini solar fountains are not able to store solar power. They are only operational when the panels are placed directly under sunlight. It is linked to the pump by the cord. However, they do not have battery backup. If there is no direct sunlight, the fountain will no longer operate. It is suitable for residential premises.

Long Solar Fountains with Battery Backup

These solar fountains have batteries that can operate without sunlight. When the sun is shining directly on them, the pump is run by sunlight, and it will recharge the batteries. If there is no sunlight, it will continue to run on battery power. It is suitable for commercial premises. 


How Long Can Solar Fountain Batteries Last?

The lifespan of batteries typically lasts two years. However, the battery's capacity might diminish with repeated charging and discharge cycles. It is possible to charge your battery by placing the panels out under the sun for two to three days. If the batteries do not work, then you have to replace them. 


How Long Does My Solar Fountain Battery Last Before It Requires Recharging?

Solar fountain batteries generally last for around 4 hours with a full charge. You can add external batteries and connect them with cords to make the fountains last longer. 


What Do Dry Run Protection Pumps Do?

The regular pumps continue to run even on low water, which causes overheating and potential burnout. However, the dry run protection pump is a new technology that stops the pump when the water level is too low. This helps prolong the life of the pump.

How Long Does My Solar Fountain Pump Last?

Solar pumps last between 2 and 4 years, but it depends on various factors. The primary factor is maintenance. When the pump is maintained and cleaned regularly, it will last longer. However, the pumps and panels that are exposed to direct sunlight 24/7 will not last long.

Distance between Solar Panels and Fountain

Each solar fountain comes with a wire that connects the pump and the solar panels. The length depends on the fountain models, but you can expect to find a 9.5 feet-15feet cord. You can find the length of the cord in the specifications section on the product pages (check it before buying). Certain models allow a 32 feet distance between the fountain and the panel.

Where Should I Place My Fountain?

You can place the fountain outdoors. Most people buy fountains to install in the garden, front porch, or deck. However, you cannot place solar panels anywhere; panels must be installed under direct sunlight.

How Long Will My Solar Fountain Last Using AC Electricity?

I suggest not using solar fountains with AC electricity because it is more powerful than solar power. It might reduce the lifespan of the pump and could lead to a possible burning out.

What is Included in a Solar Fountain Pack?

Every pack comes with a fountain, pump, and solar panels. Many brands provide cords to connect all these parts. Besides that, some solar fountains come with solar-powered LED lighting.

How Can I Change the Solar Fountain to Battery Mode?

Different models operate differently, but most of the products come with a button that switches between battery mode and solar mode. Some models will automatically switch to battery mode if there is not enough sunlight to power the fountain.

How Can I Get the LED Light to Function?

Solar fountains with batteries come with solar panels with an adapter for the LED cord for light. Usually, this cord is about the same length as the cable connecting the solar panels and pump. You need to do only one thing- connect LEDs to the solar panel and put the lights inside the fountain. Please note that solar fountains only illuminate in the absence of sunlight (when solar panels do not work) and have sufficient battery power.

Where and How Do I Install Solar Panels?

You can place solar panels under direct sunlight. Each solar fountain comes with a cable to connect with the panels, so you can place your panels away from the fountain to receive the sunlight they require. Generally, customers prefer to install them in the following areas:
  • Install panels on the roof
  • Install panels on the ground
  • Attach to patio or deck
If you want to improve your installation, please consult a local solar expert for detailed guidelines.
Install panels on the ground Attach to patio or deck If you want to improve your installation, please consult a local solar expert for detailed guidelines.

I will keep on updating this post; please bookmark this page and visit it after a few days. If you have questions about solar fountains, do not hesitate to ask me in the comment below. 
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