Law of Attraction: Does it Work?

Law of Attraction: Does it Work?

The Law of attraction is nothing but a psychological mindset. Lord Buddha first revealed this to human world. If you are intrested to study this, then I must tell you, I regularly published articles on this. You can read them or contact me for more information.

Law of attraction does work, if you follow its methodology. Study this to get a glimps of your unconsious mind. Human mind has a lot of potential. you can be the person you want to be.

What is the Law of Attraction?
You have a particular mindset, and you are working on this. Suppose, if you are positive in your approach, you think to be positive, you want to do positive things.
It is the Law of nature, the power of your mind. Law of attraction is the power of your positive vibration.
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History and Origin of Law of Attraction
130 Powerful Psotive Law of Attraction Quotes that Change Your Life Some Conditions of Law of Attraction
In a nutshell, you need to follow these things-
You have to cap…

The History and Origin of The Law Of Attraction: Aim for Cent

The History and Origin Of The Law Of Attraction
Before you start to begin this mind-blowing venture towards prosperous illumination in the history of the Law of Attraction, it is significant that you comprehend that you can apply it to your life, and it works successfully for you. 
The practices and convictions in this law have been influencing the lives of people throughout history.  History of the Law of AttractionSeveral years back, the Law of Attraction was the first idea to have been educated to man by the Lord Buddha. 
It is accepted he needed it to be realized that 'what you have become is the thing that you have thought'. This is a conviction that is natural in the Law of Attraction.
With the spread of this idea to western culture a new term came 'Karma', it is a conviction that is well known all through the lives.
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Origin of the Law of Attract…

How to Be Positive Now? Would it Last Long?

Yes, it's very easy to be positive in this situation. But would it last long?
Self-motivation is the ultimate choice for us. Everyone is saying be positive. Well, this is a great scenario. Still, it is a test for us.
How can we deny the importance of positivity in our daily life?
We should have the strength to stand against this. We have courage, we have patience. We have everything we need.

The Positive Side
Yes, each and everyone is helping each other. This is a great sign for the future. We should make it our habit. 
Imagining A New Life
Well, we know that life will not be the same again. Still, we are trying to make as same as possible.
Digitalized World
It starts long ago. But now it reaches its zenith. Now we do not have a choice other than having digital knowledge.
Pollution Free Environment
Yes, it's pollution-free But this js not going to last long. After a few years, we will be in the same position that we were a few years ago.
Because history repeats itself.

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Top Funny Boring Quotes for Work in 2020


Monday is the beginning of a week. But, it is also a boring day, because we need to start our work for the upcoming days. After, one or two holidays, it seems a huge task.

We often get happy, when a holiday comes on Monday.
Isn't it?

But, here are some boring quotes for many of you, who are not willing to start this day.

1.    Monday don't come. I don't want you.

2.    Monday is the villain of our life.

 3.    Monday is boring for those, who are afraid of challenges.

4.    Monday working should be optional.

5.    I want Sunday on Monday.

6.    Punch the face of Monday.

7.    Run fast. Tomorrow is Monday. Plan your day.

Beauty Lies in The Heart, not on The Face: Explanation

Beauty Lies in The Heart, not on The Face: Explanation It is the definition of ‘motherhood’. This virtue is always in the heart of a woman. She may not be physically beautiful but she must have this inner beauty. She is there for each and every member of her family. A woman should keep a balance between her family and profession.

 Lets, talk about it in detail-
1. What is the meaning of ‘beauty’? Beauty is nothing but a process of creating a good impression in the eyes of the beholder. It depends totally on beholders but we misinterpret it as a virtue of good human beings.  Beauty is not an asset, it is the use of this good nature which is an asset.  Beauty is very similar to the meaning of superiority when we say ‘beautiful heart’, ‘beautiful soul’,’ beautiful landscape’. But, suddenly it changes its meaning when we say ‘beautiful looks’. 2. Why inner beauty is treated as superior to physical beauty? Inner beauty is all-pervasive. It means all virtues of the world. Physical beauty is …

Know These Benefits and Importance of Yoga

Know These Benefits and Importance of Yoga
Yoga provides us mental pleasure and perfection. In this world, these are extremely important. Yoga can improve our health and postures. Most Gym centers and training camps offer yoga classes to all members. Everyone can sense a vibe of positivity. Here I will discuss the benefits and importance of Yoga in our life.
It is not just about training; it’s about hale and hearty way of life. The practice of yoga allows students to acquire concentration, motivation and to be focused in a world of chaos. harmony and serenity must be accomplished through focused training and regular practices.

Various Postures of YogaYou can prefer a Yoga style that’s modified to your standard of living, such as hot yoga, prenatal yoga, relaxation yoga, power yoga, etc. You can practice these at your home or in a private camp in suitable condition while listening to a meditation sound. 
 The Power yoga provides an isometric exercise along with other postures that are i…

Top Inspirational Quotes about Love 2020

Best Inspirational Quotes about Love in 2020
Here are the best collection of motivational and inspirational quotes for love. You can share it on WhatsApp with your friends.
A quotation is a nice way to speak everything in a natural manner. You can visit this page when you feel distressed. We are always with you.

1. Love cannot be seen; it is the most beautiful feeling in the world.This is the best feeling ever. It cannot be seen; affection can be seen. Though there are various kinds of Love, still- all loves are great, all lovers are the best human beings. 

Have you ever felt it? Please let us know in the comment section. Describe your feelings.

2. The last person you think of at night is your Love. It can be you; it can be someone else.Are you tired? If you are reading this at night, then experiment it- just before sleeping, if you think about someone else, then you love that person. It can be you- it can be someone else. If you think about yourself- is it a sign of self-centeredness.